Out of the box.

Jenna Davis

I love weddings.

I always have.

I especially love the planning and design that goes into creating the atmosphere for such an important day; from flowers and backdrops, to lighting and centerpieces.

Of course now, having Pinterest at our fingertips, there is an endless visual smorgasbord of design options to feast our eyes on. 

So, being recently inspired by all of those wedding designs, I decided to pull out a vintage bridal gown from the back of my closet that I bought on a whim over 4 years ago. 

I started the transformation by taking the sleeves off, then changing up the bottom, adjusting here and there to re-design it.  With each alteration, it was fun to see it change and almost look like a completely different dress!

It has more of a “Cinderella” feel to it now, and I love it(and it looks much better ON than in these pictures!).

**Please excuse my messy workroom and "unprofessional" pictures. Who doesn't love real life and authenticity, right?! ;)

Then, a few months back, my friend Aimee and I were having coffee and catching up.

Aimee is a prop-styling BOSS and has such a great eye for design and detail. She was so helpful in the beginning stages of GEMMA and helped create the atmosphere and beautiful backdrop for the first photos taken for the web site!

We sat at one of my favorite little spots in South Nashville, Eighth & Roast, and just talked about life, travel, new job ventures--and, of course, creativity and design.

I showed her some pics of the vintage wedding dress I had been working on, and she mentioned that she had a styled wedding photo shoot coming up, and it might be interesting to add a bridesmaid and groomsman to the shoot.  I jumped at the chance to work with her again!

The location for the shoot, Nashville Craft, was the inspiration, and they were going for a modern, colorful feel.  I looked through so many dresses at the thrift store, but didn’t seem to find the right one. Then going back to my closet(again) I found a few dresses hanging in plastic that I had forgotten about. The perfect dress for this shoot was among them, and it only needed a little bit of tweaking to be ready to go.

I took off the flower on the front.  Then I took some of the sheer fabric I had cut off of the bottom of the vintage wedding gown I was working on, added it to the yellow sash, and a little ruffle to the top of the front. 

I also got to play wardrobe consultant at the shoot when we had a little malfunction with the first bride’s dress we originally had in mind.  We had to find her a different dress, very last minute,  but it worked out great, and everyone loved the new dress even more! Here are a few of my favorite shots....

I've listed all of our amazing contributors and vendors below.  If you, or someone you know has an event coming up, PLEASE consider using these folks; they're the real deal. I'm so thankful to know such talented people in this city, and so glad I got to be a part of this fun, colorful project!  

And, I’m looking forward to doing it again soon, so stay tuned!!

1) Photography - Lotus Blossom Photography (@lotusblossomphotography)

2) Venue & cocktails - Nashville Craft (@nashville_craft)

3) Paper Goods - Wink Wink Paper Company (@winkwinkpaperco)

4) Artwork for place settings - Kateri of Poverty & The Arts (@povertyandthearts)

5) Handcrafted furniture - Hunter+Gatherer (@huntergatherersociety)

6) Hair and Make Up- Lisa Johnson (@nashvillebridalmakeup)

7) Cakes and Cookies - Jess Brown (@brownrysebakes)

8) Bride's Dress - Dress Theory (@thedresstheorynashville)

9) Street tux (@streettuxedo)

10)Bridesmaid's Dress- Gemma (@getgemmaswag)

11) concept/art direction/styling/florals - (@aimeebsiegel)

Models - Bride: Cassidy (@cactusgraves)

               Groom: Ben

               Bridesmaid: Leah (@leahburkey)

               Groomsman: J (