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Jenna Davis

A few weeks ago, our Student Ministry at Journey Church took about 75 middle and high school students out to a campground north of Nashville for an amazing time of digging into the Bible and healthy competition & team-building.  

The camp theme:  THE HUNGER GAMES

It was an intense and fun week of games, worship, late nights and....of course....a “Capitol” costume dance party!

Of course, the minute I heard we had a chance to dress up, I was stoked! (As a person who owns about 6 different kinds of costume wigs and sometimes plans her Halloween costumes a year in advance, you could say I kind of like dressing up.)

My roommates were involved as well, so I ended up making costumes for all three of us and it was a blast!  Sidenote:  I always seem to start projects with about a week’s time to finish them. Maybe I just like working under pressure?? ;)

I started with a google search of “Capitol attire” and Effie Trinket- she was definitely my outfit inspiration.  The three of us were assigned to a different “district” for camp;  red, green and purple, so I went looking for something along each of those lines.  

When you go into a thrift store, you really never know what you’ll find. But this time, it was SUCH a win! I found the perfect purple dress for my costume, an awesome red satin jumpsuit that I was immediately inspired by and had an instant plan for,  and then found a green strapless dress and a green curtain. 

Starting with the green dress meant cutting apart the curtain and just dreaming as I went.  There were hard pieces of plastic in the top of the curtain (since it was made for hanging on a window) so I decided to incorporate them into a shoulder piece and I made a flower from strips of the fabric.

Next, I started on the red satin jumpsuit. I kept it pretty simple, so I just took a roll of red tulle and made strips to sew together onto the back of the suit. Once the "skirt" was attached, I sewed some red roses by hand sporadically to the tulle.

Then I started working on my costume! I found the perfect lavender dress, cut the bottom half into vertical strips, added a tulle skirt underneath it, also adding some purple and glitter tulle to it as well. Let me tell you...that glitter went EVERYWHERE and is STILL covering the concrete floor of my workroom! 

Then, to give it some extra drama, I made a "collar" of sorts out of purple tulle, white netting, and some scraps of sheer fabric from a vintage wedding dress I have been working on lately(blog post on that coming soon!).

They all turned out great, my roomies were pleased (and looked adorable!) and we had super fun outfits to wear at our costume dance party!

(PS- how amazing is that Hall of Justice set behind us?! Our youth leader peeps did such a great job!)

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