Commision Design

Jenna Davis

There are so many aspects of design that I love:

sketching and formulating ideas, experimenting with fabrics; piecing it all together, seeing the finished product.…

But there is definitely something different and special about designing and hand crafting something with someone specific in mind, or for a special event.

For example, last month my lovely roommate Katelyn was invited to a movie premiere at a local theater in town, and I was so happy to have to opportunity to make a dress for her to wear to the premier! 

We chatted about what she wanted to wear:  the classic little black dress, hi-lo style; edgy but with a touch of glam.

With a dress design in mind, we set out for the thrift store a few weeks before the event, to find just the right pieces for me to put it all together.

We found a black, mid-length, stretch dress, a short black lace skirt, and I had some sheer black fabric left over from another project that would fit perfectly with the other pieces to add some flirty, fun layers.

The month flew by. I had a couple of other projects going simultaneously (you’ll see one of them soon!) and I, like the good little procrastinator I am, waited until the WEEK of the premier to finish the dress. I’ll admit it was challenging; late nights cutting up lace, piecing it all together,  pinning and re-pinning the layers of fabric; but with the good company of Netflix and Spotify to keep me going, it was finished right on time!

She added a cute denim vest to give it an edgier vibe, and I love how it turned out! I just might have to borrow it! ;)