Growth + Consumption, Pt 1

Jenna Davis


Here I sit--blogging in the Houston Airport.

I love airports.

I don't love long security lines, layovers, stop-overs and general germ-factories that airports contain.

But I love airports for the people-watching, and the amazing technology that allows us to basically sit in a chair at 30,000 feet in the air, and travel from one city, country, or continent to another in a matter of hours.

Technology has made the world such a different place in the last hundred or so years. The growth of some cities in certain parts of the US is also helping to shape the new and ever changing world we live in.

In Nashville, (where I live) for example, the rate of growth and industry and new businesses is changing all the time.  People seem to be moving here in droves, especially just in the last 6 or 7 years since I've been here. The real estate market is booming, and it's not limited to outlying residential areas. The urban housing market is thriving, and there are always new housing or business complexes being built.

A couple of months ago, my friend Aimee invited me to be a part of a concept photo shoot that she and her friend Dottie were developing. 

The concept was "Growth & Consumption": the juxtaposition of the "new growth" of man made vs natural.  

I was super excited to get in on the fun, especially because the location was a rooftop patio overlooking the lovely (ever-changing) skyline of Nashville.

I've been dreaming of hanging out on a rooftop patio for the loooongest time, and well....dreams do come true, my friends!

We planned everything out and decided I would need to create 4 separate looks for our models:





I started out with some sketches, and then, as usual, went thrift shopping.

I'm realizing that what I do--taking pre-loved pieces of clothing and using them to puzzle-piece together a new, one of a kind creation--is proving to be a lot harder than just making a pattern, cutting it out of fabric, and sewing it together.

Each piece has to be selected and adjusted to fit another.

This is especially challenging when you're making it for someone specific.

I had our two models come over to the Gemma workspace so I could get their measurements and they could try on a couple of the thrift items I planned to use.

It was tricky, but I was determined to make it work! I also happened (as per usual) to be going out of town and then super busy the weeks leading up to the shoot, so I had about two days to get all the pieces finished and ready for our 8am call time!

This piece I created for the "Metal" started out as two different dresses.....


I combined them to be one crop top, but after trying it on myself, it ended up being just a little too small. Because I had already taken the zipper out...I needed a different way to make it fasten, but also be adjustable to easily slip on.

Enter the grommets.

A few weeks ago I bought some gold metal grommets to use for a DIY canopy for my gazebo on my back patio.

I remembered I had them lying around, so I grabbed them and attached them to the crop top, then used strips of black fabric from one of the dresses to tie them together.

It worked perfectly, and I was so excited & proud of how well they represented the "metal" aspect of that theme! Totally unintentional, happy accident.

Aren't these photos captured by Dottie Beasley so fun and beautiful?!

I also decided (because, apparently, I'm an overachiever) to make one extra piece for the Concrete theme, so I took a simple black dress with some cool triangular construction detail at the top, added a fun, cream colored fabric to some of the triangles and made it a crop top as well! It fit our lovely model, Nina, like a glove--and I love how it turned out.

If you're interested in owning some of these one-of-a-kind pieces I feature here on the blog, they can absolutely be yours! They will be posted for sale in the website store in the next few weeks!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned! Next week I'll dive into the making of this floral-inspired beauty!